Terms and Conditions

Last updated 10/07/2021


Please read the terms and conditions of use of the platform carefully before proceeding with any action within the platform. The following terms of use are set by the owner FLATCAKE IKE and define the relationship between visitors / users / subscribers and the platform. www.flatcake.com  will be marked as a "platform" and visitors / users / subscribers as "users". Any connection or registration on the platform also means acceptance of the terms of use. The use of the platform implies the acceptance of its terms as well as the privacy policy and cookies. The platform reserves the right to change the terms of use and personal data at any time without notice.

Platform content

The content of the platform may be used only for personal use, ie printing or electronic storage and in no case for commercial purposes. The content is prohibited from copying, republishing, distributing and reproducing in any form, without the prior consent of the owner of the platform. Users who wish to register on the platform and consequently on their services must:

1. To declare in a correct way and without ambiguities their data in the respective space of the platform which concerns subscription services.
2. To understand and accept that after their registration in the services of the platform by any means (credit, debit, deposit or paypal), the amount of the service / subscription may become due and consequently refundable. Those registered in these services must accept the issuance of the document for the paid services having full responsibility for the correctness of their personal or corporate data that they legally represent.
3. To immediately inform the platform in case of change of these data.

Obligations and commitments of users

Users must state that they are over 17 years of age in order to be allowed to use the platform
The user understands and accepts that, by using the services of the platform, he may be exposed to offensive, indecent or illegal content. If the platform receives notice that any content causes material damage or moral damage to a third party, it has the right to immediately delete this content and deactivate the said user account. Users agree not to do the following regarding its services platform:

1.Posting, publishing, sending, posting, transferring or using any other method to post content that is illegal, harmful, harmful, defamatory, vulgar, homophobic, abusive, infringes on personality and personal data, and / or any other criminal offense offense.
2. He will not disclose details of his account to third parties
3. To re-create an account while it has been banned from the platform in the past
4.Cause harm to minors in any way.
5. Forgery of a legal or natural person or false statement of the identity of the user regarding the relationship and / or cooperation of the user / visitor / subscriber with another legal or natural person
6. Posting content for which the user has no right to make it available.
7. Posting, notifying, sending or posting promoting unwanted content.
8. Posting, notifying, sending or registering malware in order to limit or destroy software and computer equipment.
9. Violation, with or without intent, of any applicable rule of local, national, European, international law and / or any rule that has legal force and concerns and / or covers any service of the "website. Finally, the platform has the right to delete content in which violates the terms of use and may be addressed to the police authorities to settle any issue related to violation, harassment, insult, threat, insult among users / visitors.

Content Rights posted by Users

By submitting any content-material to the platform, the user grants the platform the right to view, promote and reproduce the material or part thereof on any digital channel and part of the world. Still, the user does not object to the platform not displaying or publishing this material.

Additional Services

In addition to the other services of the platform, the option to promote an ad is provided. This service is an additional choice of platform services. With the purchase of the promotion, users are given the opportunity to have their content have a prominent place in the search of home / room and / or increased views. The form of the ad will have a different display on the platform so that it can be easily located. There is no restriction on the promotion market, however the augmented view will be activated each time for a single ad. The relevance of the increased content views may change depending on the search parameters. when creating their account and in a relevant field on the platform. The promotion of an ad requires a payment of the entire amount and concerns a certain activation period.

Liability Disclaimer

The platform is not responsible for the following:

1. Problems in the software and in general with what is not related to the reasonable control and its competence.

2. Loss of personal data related to the connection to the platform due to a fault, short circuit or any unwanted action which has been caused by the user's computer system.

3. Conflict / disagreement / dispute / fraud between users who will choose to find a roommate / room through the platform.

The platform contains external links to various websites which are intended to provide further information. There is no commercial promotion of these websites by the platform and no responsibility arises for the accuracy and validity of their content because they are not determined by the terms of use. In addition, the platform is not responsible for the secure access and navigation of these websites. Any financial transaction that takes place on the platform with the user must agree to the terms of use of this website.

The platform enables its users to purchase services in accordance with the standards of e-commerce, combining the security of transactions while protecting personal data to the fullest. The website adapts its policy and at the same time complies with the decision Ζ1-496 / 2000 on distance selling and the provisions of Law 2251/1994 on Consumer Protection. Consequently, the platform informs its prospective customers about the services it offers, the price, the application of value added tax or not (in case of intra-community business transaction), the way of implementation and completion of this service as well as its duration and right withdrawal.


The platform is the owner of the intellectual property as well as the contents that are accessible through it. These contents concern: images, text, graphic design, navigation diagram, with the right of reproduction, distribution, distribution and public communication that are related to the legislation of this content. The platform also reserves the right to prohibit the use of this content by third parties.